Well, America finally got what it wanted. The notorious Simon Cowell, famous for harsh criticisms of almost every singers, finally got served by a juggling act that decided to light a fire on Cowell's head literally. The result? Pure hilarity for all 'America's Got Talent' viewers. And the judges were extremely happy to see a frightened Simon up on stage too.

This ridiculous semifinal performance

The Passing Zone was voted off 'America's Got Talent' after their last performance. But the duo promised that they would bring Simon on stage if America would simply get them back on the show.

Ask, and you shall receive! The pair landed a spot in the semifinals and did not disappoint their target audience by delivering a performance that appeared to frighten Simon Cowell a great deal. Here's the video evidence of the unusual occurrence.

I don't the act will be making any push for the 'America's Got Talent' finals, but they definitely put on an entertaining show. It's really fun to watch Simon Cowell quiver in fear while the jugglers light fires all over the stage. And the fire extinguishers at the end were a nice touch to add even apparent danger right behind Simon Cowell.

Simon wasn't amused and got concerned when he saw two medics in the corner. But he did stay on stage and agreed to the ridiculous demands set forth by the act. He held two pitchforks in his "house," mimicking the hell that Simon supposedly lives in. And the judges got excited when they heard that Simon's life would be risked for everybody's amusement.

The act concluded with standing ovations from every single judge and a handshake from Simon Cowell.

I guess the more serious judge was actually able to take it all in stride, knowing that there's no chance this act could ever appear in the finals of 'America's Got Talent.'

Quarterfinal performance

This could have been the dumbest thing I have ever watched. After this act, the Passing Zone was immediately eliminated from the competition. And after this video, you'll understand why.

This is just way too silly to take seriously.

When you have amazing singers like Jayna Brown and better jugglers like Viktor Kee on the show, it's hard to take guys like this seriously. They did get one last performance with Simon Cowell, but it will almost certainly be their last on 'America's Got Talent.'

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