'America's Got Talent' juggler Viktor Kee has had no shortage of incredible performances. The talented act combines grace, beauty, and juggling into one simple act that is absolutely breathtaking to watch. And Kee put it all together tonight with a performance that combined all of those aspects into one amazing semifinal performance.

Viktor Kee's semifinal performance

At one point, Kee did drop one of the balls he was juggling. But it's hard to take anything away from an act that requires so much precision and grace to complete.

If you haven't seen his beauteous act yet, I would highly recommend checking it out below.

And his act was great enough to get a standing ovation from all of the judges, except for Simon Cowell. Does that guy ever stand up for anybody? It still doesn't take away from Kee's incredible performance. It's notoriously hard for jugglers to do well on 'America's Got Talent', but Kee has used a combination of innovation and grace to dispel those concerns. Now Kee's fate lies in the hands of Americans, who will have to choose between some incredible acts for the finals.

Earlier auditions

The Ukrainian sensation opened up his career on 'America's Got Talent' with a very gracefulperformance. He also introduced the concept of the leotard, something that Kee has worn in every single performance since. Here's a video of his first ever audition on the show.

And this act only showed part of what the talented juggler could do. With a bigger stage and more props, Kee was able to make his act even more impressive in the semifinals by adding darkness and glowing balls to the performance.

Kee's artistry is undeniable and should be admired by everyone in America. Now the juggler is hoping that America will love him as much as the judges did.

Viktor Kee's Future on 'America's Got Talent'

At this point, it's fair to consider Kee a top contender on the show. The juggler has repeatedly dazzled the audience with some fabulous performances and deserves all the accolades he has gotten since then.

But he still has to compete with some fan favorites and talented magicians who could have the upper hand. America has a choice in the matter and we will see tomorrow night who will get a chance to compete in the finals.

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