"Dancing with the Stars" is so popular that celebrities want to strut their stuff across the ballroom floor to show millions of people their dance moves. This is true even for people who have succeeded in their craft. One such celebrity is 9-time Olympian gold medalist Usain Bolt. He has expressed a strong desire to become a future contestant on ABC's biggest dance floor. Hesays he loves music, and he loves to dance. Therefore, the fastest runner in the worldis definitely interested in becoming a future contestant.

Usain Bolt

The 30-year-old Jamaican sprinter is not only the world's fastest runner, but he is the highest paid track athlete.

He reportedly made between $32.5 million between June 2015 and 2016, according to Forbes magazine. So why would he want to be on "Dancing With The Stars"? Surely, it is not for the money or fame. Viewers saw some of Bolt's dance moves at the Rio Summer Olympics when he joined a group of Brazilian dancers after a press conference. At that time, his dancing was not judged. However, he insists that he would gladlyaccept the challenge of being on "Dancing with the Stars" if he is ever asked. The athlete announced his plans to retire after 2017. Perhaps then he will get achance to joinother celebrities and professional dancers during an upcoming season. So, he is putting in his bid early.

Usain Bolt and 'Dancing with the Stars'

Bolt said he has made inquiries about getting on the show.Viewers know "Dancing with the Stars" always has athletes as contestants. So, why not Usain Bolt? This season's dance competition includes an Olympian gold medalist swimmer Ryan Lochte, and a gold medalist gymnast Laurie Hernandez.

Several athletes have won the championship for their season and taken home the coveted mirror ball trophy.

If Usain Bolt does get a chance to become a contestant on "Dancing with the Stars," who do you think would be the best partner for himconsideringhis size, height, and speed?Cheryl Burke comes to mind as the one with the most experience, stamina, and patience tocoach him.

Would you like to see Usain Bolt on the dance floor? Let's hope it does happen.

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