Within seconds of CM Punk's debut bout atUFC 203you were feeling this guy's pain. You might have found yourself watching the fight between your fingers as you half-covered your eyes once you realized that CM Punk as a fighter was in way over his head.

Punk over his head!

Punk entered into a competition level that he did not have the skill-set for and that was a fact that became all too apparent only seconds into the bout. He was an easy target for Mickey Gall on Saturday night at the crowded house of the UFC 203 in Cleveland's Quickens Loan Arena.

Gall's rear naked choke took Punk down in only 2:14 minutes into the first round. As Yahoo Sports News reports, UFC fans knew within the first 10 seconds of the fight that CM Punk was nowhere near the class of fighter Gall is.

Took the risk

Punk came to UFC after parting ways with the WWE, where he was a champion. His WWE split is described as "bitter" by Yahoo Sports, but he left to try his hand at the mixed martial arts. But he didn't just waltz in and take up this fight with Gall.

Punk trained long and hard under Coach Duke Roufus, a man credited with helping along many UFC careers.

After training with Roufus for two years, Punk stepped into the ring with Gall and it was far from a pretty sight, it was a disaster.

Punk needs to work his way up in the ranks

It was clear that Punk needed to start out at a lower level until he can work his way up to the Gall-like fighters of the MMA.

So just how embarrassed was Punk after a little over two minutes of Gall having his way with him?CM Punk might not have been ready for a fight of this magnitude, but he's not at all embarrassed. As far as he is concerned this was another learning experience that life had to offer. Punk said he took on the fight as a challenge, because he simply "likes challenges."

He didn't reach the summit, but he'll climb again!

He got a challenge for sure and he likened his bout to climbing a mountain.

He told the media that he didn't get to the summit this time around, but it doesn't mean he won't one day. He's not about to give up or stop shooting for those higher level fights once he's got more practice under his belt.

Punk tried and he risked being made a laughing stock, but that didn't deterr the former WWE champ. While the media ripped him apart, others, like Gall, supported him in giving this level of fighting a try. He wouldn't have known just what he could do if he didn't step in over his head to give it a try.

From WWE champ to UFC underdog

Calling him the underdog in this bout was a massive understatement and he knew this would be a difficult fight, but he went for it anyway.

Don't forget in his former sport, he was the champ, and now he's coming up in the ranks the slow and hard way.

UFC fans weren't very forgiving, they saturated social media with quips about the fight like the one tweet below:

CM Punk had some inspirational words to share after telling the media that he had "the time of his life" despite getting wiped off the floor by Gall. He said to "believe in yourself." Basically Punk also said you aren't going to know what you are capable of unless you take risks, and that's just what he did.

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