Tyler Christopher has been away from General Hospital for several months now and fans are anxious to know when and if he will be returning. His character of Nikolas Cassadine was killed off, supposedly, during all of the chaos in Greece, but most viewers expect that Nik will wind up still being alive. Now some details are emerging about what Christopher has been doing his time away and this may leave some wondering if he will head back to GH at all.

General Hospital star Tyler Christopher had mentioned a potential return date

As Soap Opera Digest shares, Tyler Christopher last appeared as Nikolas Cassadine last May. Actor Nick Stabile took over the role for a bit, but he departed a while back as well when the character was shot and left for dead. Christopher had shared during a fan event a while back that he hoped to return to General Hospital in September, but there has been no further confirmation of that being the case.

Now news is emerging that Tyler has been working on some movie projects during his time away from General Hospital.

Christopher will be shooting an independent film titled Pretty Broken this month, and as Soaps in Depth ABC notes, he has also recently worked on a film titled The New Wife. While fans will have to stay tuned for more details regarding where and when to watch that movie, it sounds as if it will likely air on either Lifetime or Hallmark a bit down the road.

Viewers worry about signs thatGeneral Hospital's Nikolas may remain off the canvas

Will Christopher be returning to General Hospital and the role of Nikolas? It seems that his name and photo has just recently been removed from the show's opening credits, which certainly doesn't seem like a good sign. However, Tyler's previous comments in late July make it clear that he had been working with the show to coordinate a return.

At that point, he cautioned fans that nothing was official yet, but he was hopeful that they could work things out. The buzz had been that he was on a break, in large part, due to challenging contract negotiations.

Tyler does still be in the mix of things with some fan events, as he recently tweeted some details about an event scheduled for February. Given that, there does seem to be hope that Christopher will end up returning as Nikolas at some point. There have been signs that Cassadine is still alive, but General Hospitaldoes seem to be keeping things fairly vague for now.

Is there still room for Nikolas on theGeneral Hospital canvas?

Of course, there have been other hot storylines playing out in Port Charles lately, like the serial killer and now Jason and Sam's wedding. There have been references to Nikolas and there is still the stash of diamonds that is driving conflict betweenElizabeth and Hayden, so it is not as if the show has just ditched the Cassadine character and his storyline completely. As for how it will be resolved, however, remains unknown.

General Hospital has yet to say anything official about a permanent departure or a return for Tyler Christopher, and his fans will be anxious to watch for updates via his social media pages.

Is he just taking a break to tackle some other projects before returning to the character of Nikolas Cassadine or will he end up leaving the role for good? Fans are nervous about his status with the soap, but they are excited to see that he does have some other things in the works.

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