Tyler Baltierra is catching a lot of heat on Twitter. Last night, a new episode of Teen Mom OGaired and he wasn't happy with them editing his wife's face into a scene that was shot while she was away seeking treatment in rehab. His comments about MTV using him as a pawn for ratings made the social media platform light up.

Both Tyler Baltierra and his wife, CatelynnLowell have been on MTV for several years. They were on the original season of "16 & Pregnant" and decided to give their daughter up for adoption.

At one point, they were some of the most liked people in the franchise. That has since changed, especially with Baltierra popping off about MTV using him and making things appear different by editing techniques.

Tyler falls victim to social media attacks

According to All About the Tea, "Teen Mom OG" fans have responded to Tyler Baltierra's rant about MTV in a harsh way. They have criticized him for not having a "real job." This went on for quite some time before he decided to come back and make another snide remark.

Baltierra alluded to the criticism with a comment about his money not being cardboard. While it was a lame attempt to divert the disgust, it seemed to put out most of the fire.

Marijuana usage is brought up

There has been a lot of controversy surrounding Tyler Baltierra and Catelynn Lowell and their use of marijuana. It was speculated that they use, but it only was shown on camera on this week's episode.

Several months ago, Baltierra was talking about being pro-marijuana on Twitter and it was a huge debate. Since then the conversation has died down. Seeing Lowell smoke while in the car set fans off and the two have been dealing with that chaos on social media as well.

It seems that no matter what Tyler Baltierra says or does, he will get slammed. Saying negative things about the network that pays him isn't a smart move but he is comfortable in thinking they need him.

MTV has not responded to editing claims, but several stars from the Teen Mom franchise have called the network out. It seems very plausible that a lot of editing happens in order to manipulate certain situations to draw in the crowd.

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