Tyler Baltierra has been a part of the MTV family for a long time and it sounds like he enjoys sharing his life with Teen Mom fans. Last week on the show, he flipped out after learning that Carly’s adoptive parents didn’t want him sharing information about their daughter on the show, even though she is such a big part of their story. And while he was upset about that, Tyler is now mocking the network for poor editing. As it turns out, the network edited the scenes with Butch playing the easter bunny to include Catelynn, even though she was in rehab at the time.

According to a new tweet, Tyler Baltierra is now revealing that MTV is faking scenes to make it suit their narrative. Apparently, the network edited the easter bunny scenes to include Catelynn, even though she was in treatment at the time.

“Funny thing I WASN'T even there, c how editing can portray false things?#ThoughtYouKnewEverything,” Catelynn revealed in her tweet as the show was airing, with her husband adding, “Lmao! I did these Easter bunny pics for you while you were in rehab babe. Now you're magically there on TV...weird.” Needless to say, this was confusing to some people.

“So Catelynn was not there laughing at Butch in the bunny suit,” one fan questioned, to which Tyler Baltierra replied, “No she was in rehab & I was trying to get Easter pics with Nova for her when I visited her. If it's on TV it's REAL.”

Tyler Baltierra not the only ‘Teen Mom’ star that’s unhappy with MTV

While Tyler and his wife could just laugh off the fake scenes, it sounds like many of the stars are not happy with the editing.

Jenelle Evans and Leah Messer have already called out the network for faking scenes, including editing scenes that are not fairly portrayed. Leah was made out to be a bad mother and Jenelle argued that MTV was making her look like an irresponsible mother and all of the footage of her having fun with her kids was scrapped in the editing room.

What do you think of Tyler Baltierra’s tweets about the show being faked?

Are you surprised that the network is faking scenes once again?

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