Shimmering with possibility, the new single"Epoch" by Tycho sounds classic while also bubbling with a tension beneath the surface that spells good things to come for fans of the electronic producer. Like previous albums "Dive"and"Awake"the currently unknown titled forthcoming album will be released on Ghostly International.

Radiating peace

When he is working with graphic design and photography, Hansen has previously been known as ISO50. The Tycho project has centered around hallucinogenic ambient electronic music which on previous releases has been characterized as a juxtaposition of organic and synthesized sounds.

Guitar has featured prominently and many of Tycho's best known songs and most beloved live performance have featured the artist on that instrument.

In live performances Hansen dons both his creative mantles. Tycho concerts typically feature lush and atmospheric video projections, collages and other unique visual components to compliment the artist's kaleidoscopic take on dreamy electronic pop.

Described as the "keystone of the new album,""Epoch" really gets off the ground when a hypnotic flute-like instrument enters the mix.

Sweeping and emotive, it is lovely to hear a talented producer move closer to the aesthetic he has been working towards over the last several years. There is every reason to believe Tycho's next album will be every bit as deep and expansive as his previous works.

Exist in this bliss

"Epoch" rises and falls several times in unique movements that recall the best of classic Tycho material while still going a bit deeper.

The general mood of the track is mixed with gentle pockets of emotion tucked into the synth lines and hiding just beneath the surface of the sparkling instrumentation. This is music with a rich story to tell and fans around the world will rejoice in the knowledge that new material is finally here.

Tycho is currently on tour in the United States. Be sure to check out this talented artist when he is passing through your area.

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