Brad Pitt recently revealed that he can't understand what folks are getting out of Donald Trump's message... let's"Take America Back." Pitt quipped about this message asking "where did it go?" The A-list actor and director probably doesn't have a chance to see where America went because he has enough money to go along with the journey. Pitt asked if someone would please explain to him where Trump thinks America went and why he is now vying to retrieve it from that place?

The country has been on a journey

That's a journey that this country has been on for too long, starting with putting more and more of the bare essentials out of reach for the ordinary worker. Pitt can't understand why Trump would need to take America back, but this is coming from a man who can buy the best education the world has to offer for his children. He doesn't drop his kids off at a public school and walk them to a classroom where the teacher just spent their own hard-earned money to buy the only crayons the classroom will see for the year.

Dinner is a struggle!

He doesn't have to resign to the fact that his kids will eat processed macaroni and cheese again for dinner because the price of fresh vegetables and chicken just isn't in the family budget that week. This is whereAmericahas gone, in a direction where most can't afford to follow.

Pitt's view of the average Joe?

According to USA Today, in a recent interviewPittsaid that many people in this country today are "just trying to make the rent" and "get the kids fed." He also said that they are "tired when they get home" from work, he continued, saying that they are so tired they "just want to forget about everything." But what Pitt doesn't realize is that they can't forget because when they wake up the next day....

all the same problems are there!

This is why the people need to take America back and Trump is hopefully leading the way to do that! Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie have a wonderful brood, but they are far from the average family! Here they are recently with all their toys at some exotic location. It is probably safe to say that not one of them is worrying about if they have enough money for lunch!

Making sense!

As far as some of the other reasons totake America back,those are really clear when it comes to jobs going overseas or down the way to Mexico. There is so much of America that needs to come back to the way it once was that Trump wanting to take this country backmakes a lot more sense to the people who are troubled by the condition of the country today.

Trump supporters fight?

Brad Pitt also looks at a Trump supporter as someone "who is fighting against just about everything." He's right about that, those supporting Trump are the ones swirling the drain of the country's whacked-out economy and they have no choice but to fight against it all!

Pitt, who hails from an area that is more behind Trump than Hillary Clinton,is trying to understand why the people of Oklahoma and southern Missouri see Trump as their candidate. Maybe when the price of a movie becomes out of the reach of the average family, he will see where America has gone and why folks want to see Trump "take America back!"

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