Viewers were puzzled when they sawThomas Gibson on CBS "Criminal Minds" Season 12 that premiered on Wednesday, September 28, 2016. Fans did not expect to see Gibsonbecause he was first suspended from the crime drama last August when he kicked a producer during an altercation. The suspension was changed to a complete dismissal from the series that he had been on since "Criminal Minds" started in 2005.

Gibson on the premiere episode

Gibson was on the premiere show of Season 12 because that particular episode had already been filmed before the altercation took place and the 54-year-old Actor was fired during the summer.

Gibson will appear during only one more episode beforehis character is no more.There has been no indication how he will be written off the series. The actor regrets he was fired, but he says he will spend more time with his three children and focus on what he is to do next. He is thinking about going back to comedy or even performing in a play. He started out in comedy and was successful in "Dharma & Greg" from 1997 to 2002. He doesn't plan to give up acting and producing.

Gibson is out, Rodriguez is in

Adam Rodriguez had already been hired to replace Shemar Moore. It looks like he has come on board just in time to take over Hotch's position as chief of the Behavior Analysis Unit (BAU). Fans should tune in next Wednesday night to see Gibson in his last role as Hotchner on "Criminal Minds." When Shemar Moore left, so did some fans. Now that Gibson is leaving, more fans said they will no longer watch.

Perhaps with Rodriguez joining the BAU, people will reconsider and give the series another chance.

The rating for "Criminal Minds" was down with the premiere episode because regular viewers didn't know Gibson would be there. This year's premiere had 8.9 million viewers. That number was down 10 percent from last fall's premiere. More people might tune in next week since the word is out that Gibson will be back for his last role as Aaron Hotchner.

Besides, fans wantto know if he will die, or if he will leave the show in another manner.

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