With the fall television schedule approaching quickly, viewers are looking at the new shows being added to each network. NBC has had stellar luck in recent years adding things that have to do with law enforcement and hospital dramas. This time, they are trying a drama called "This is Us."

The trailer alone has several people anxious to see the pilot episode. "This is Us" is going to air directly after "The Voice" on September 20. The official Facebook page for the television show has way more likes than any other one for the new season, and also several million views on the trailer.

"This is Us" snags big names

Milo Ventimiglia, Justin Hartley, Mandy Moore, and Sterling K. Brown are some of the bigger stars that have been cast. "This is Us" tells the story of several different people, all born on the same day. The prediction for it being such a huge hit has even caused an upset in the soap world. Hartley starred on "The Young and the Restless" as Adam Newman and just last night confirmed his exit from the show. While this isn't shocking, it has cause a lot of viewers to take notice of "This is Us" and plan to watch it because one of their favorites has been cast in it.

Some of the subplots include a man who was given up for adoption finding his father, a woman battling weight issues while looking for love, a couple who is having multiples and complications happen during labor, and a television star dealing with his own situation.

Trailer bring huge talk across social media

According to Hit Fix, "This is Us" has the most attention of any of the new shows this fall season. There is a lot riding on the fact that it is believed the show will be picked up for a full season. With all of the views the trailer on Facebook has and the chatter on other social media platforms, this show has a fighting chance to really do well.

In order to ensure "This is Us" does well, all of the fans must tune in and show the network they are serious about keeping this show around. With the amount of star power in the cast, having it fail is not an option. In just over two weeks the show will premiere after "The Voice" and the network will be able to get a solid idea of just how much attention "This is Us" will bring.

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