"This Is Us" on "NBC" is considered one of the best and the most anticipated new series of the season. It has been reported that at the end of each episode, viewers will shed tears. In fact, the series has been described as a “cry drama." “This Is Us” premiered at 10 p.m. on Tuesday night, September 20 and will air at its regular time at 9 p.m. starting on Tuesday, Oct. 11. This new program contains a series of stories that connect the characters in ways that might surprise viewers. The stories intertwine in ways the audience will not see coming until the very end of the episode.


The series tells the story of a group of 36-year-olds who share the same birthday. This program is a breath of fresh air to some extent because there is no crime to solve, nobody is murdered, and no scandal to unravel. Viewers get to follow along with each person's story. The interesting format of the series is that while the stories appear independent, they are interrelated in subtle ways. It is at the end of the episode that the stories come together. In the first episode, a woman ishaving triplets.

The husband reminds the doctors that he has three cribs at home and three sets of baby clothes for his three babies. Confidently, the father said he was taking three babies home. Sadly, one baby was stillborn. At the end of the episode, viewers saw three babies in the three cribs the father had spoken about. It was possible because of what happened in one of the other stories.

Cast of 'This Is Us'

All the characters celebrate their birthday indifferent ways.

Randall, played by Sterling Brown, tracks down his father who abandoned him at a fire station when he was born. A television sitcom actor named Kevin, played by Justin Hartley evaluates his life and makes changes on his birthday. Kate is an overweight single woman played by Chrissy Metz who doesn't think she could ever find love. Jack, played by Milo Ventimiglia, is excited because his triplets are being born on his birthday.

His pregnant wife Rebecca is played by Mandy Moore. Hopefully, viewers saw the connection that Kate and Kevin are Rebecca and Jack's twins who survived and Randall is their adopted brother.

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