NBC’s new showThis Is Us” has it all - tears, laughter, cute babies and a very talented cast. The episode takes us through parallel stories of four different people who share their birthdays. Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) is celebrating his birthday with his very pregnant wife, Rebecca (Mandy Moore)when she goes into labor with their triplets. Kate (Chrissy Metz) is struggling to lose weight but on her 36th birthday promises herself to make a diet change by cutting down on calories. Kevin (Justin Hartley) is a handsome TV actor who just turned 36 and is unhappy with the way his life is going. Randall (Sterling K.

Brown) is a successful businessman who gets information about his long lost biological father on his 36th birthday.

A common thread

As we go along, we get a closer look at each person’s life. The common thread is that they’re all dealing with major life changing events on their birthday. Jack and Rebecca are nervous and excited as they’re about to become parents of three babies. But due to complications during childbirth, they lose the third baby. Kate meets Toby (Chris Sullivan) at a weight loss group and they go on their first date. They return as victors, as they both manage to avoid eating dessert at dinner.

Trapped in a world of glamor

Kevin feels trapped in the world of glamor and has a meltdown in front of a live audience.

He quits his show after dissing the show writers, the audience and the fame he received. Randall has a great life with his wife and two daughters until his private investigator finally tracks down his father, who left him outside a fire station after he was born. He visits his father to tell him how he turned his life around because of the wonderful couple who adopted him and give him a home and family.

It is later revealed that Jack and Rebecca are Randall’s adoptive parents. Jack and Rebecca’s story is set in the 70’s while Kate, Kevin and Randall’s story is set in the present day. The show ends with a beautiful quote: “There’s no lemon so sour that you can’t make something resembling a lemonade.”

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