The rumors have been flying for a while about if Justin Hartley was leaving his role as Adam Newman on The Young and the Restless. Justin has been playing the role since Michael Muhney was fired and fans love him. The news came out recently that Justin was joining the primetime showThis is Us and everyone wondered how he could do both. Now Justin is finally sharing the news.

What did Justin Hartley reveal?

Today Justin went to his Facebook page to share with fans what is going on. He wrote a really long message explaining that he had to stay quiet, but now he can reveal that he is gone from the show.

Justin explained that then went on to say, "Although I am saying goodbye to Y&R, this is not a goodbye letter. I felt it was more important to write a thank you note. Each and every one of you helped make my time on the show enjoyable. I always loved hearing about how excited all of you were for certain characters, how disgusted you were with others, at times even mine, or how we were able to help you escape from a hectic day. You are some of the most loyal and dedicated fans I’ve ever encountered."

What is he doing now?

Justin Hartley wants the fans to know that they are not getting rid of him, though.

He will be onThis is Us and Justin is hoping that fans will watch the show to see him. It will be on NBC starting on September 20, and Justin is very proud of this show.

At this time, there is no news at all about if someone else will play Adam Newman or what will happen with that character. Fans will miss him, but they got over Michael leaving and will now get over Justin leaving as well. Some fans are hopeful that they will decide to bring Michael back into the role again, but that would be pretty shocking if they did it that way.

Are you shocked to hear that Justin Hartley is leavingThe Young and the Restless and the role of Adam Newman? Do you think that this was a good decision? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts and don't miss Justin's new showThis is Us when it starts airing on NBC.

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