In the season finale of "The Walking Dead,"fans were left with blood running down the camera lens after Negan swung his barbed wire covered bat, Lucille. Not knowing who the victim was left some fans upset.

More than one death?

According toUs Weeklythe Executive Producer, Greg Nicotero, recently did an interview in which he explained the reason for the cliffhanger was so that fans will feel the characters in this upcoming season the way they need to. Instead of having the summer to mourn the loss, the fans will go through it with the characters.

Now the new twist is that he let slip that it would be "deaths" - as in more than one! Though he didn't say how another death may happen, it is relatively safe to assume it is at the hands of Negan and his beloved Lucille.

Some compare the show to the comic book. If it is true, we will be saying goodbye to Glenn, our favorite Pizza Delivery guy. When pictures of the season 7 characters were released, Glenn's picture was included.

As we do the rundown of hints this is where everyone stands. Carol, Tara and Morgan all appear in the teaser for season 7.

Then we have Glenn, Rick, Eugene and Daryl whodid a birthday message for Demi Lovato. Wouldn't it suggest they are all part of the upcoming season if they are the ones doing the birthday wishes? And then there is Abraham that did an interview withPop Sugarand says he will be sticking around.

By process of elimination, could it be Maggie?

The process of elimination leads us to Maggie. She was very pregnant and very sick last time we saw her.

Rick and the gang had decided to hit the road in search of medical care for her and they ended up in the grip of Negan. Could Negan really be so heartless thathe will use Lucille to kill a pregnant woman?

The death fans know is coming has been pondered and examined all summer long. While the theories and hints continue, there are no solid answers at this time. We have a month to go until the premiere on October 23rd on AMC at 9PM Eastern, 8PM Central.

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