Daryl Dixon is one of the most popular characters on "The Walking Dead." Each season, fans worry that actor Norman Reedus could be leaving the show. That hasn't changed and this is something viewers are debating on. Spoilers reveal exactly what happens to him in the first few episodes of season 7. Does Daryl die or will he survive? What exactly happens to the "TWD" character on the zombie apocalypse series?

Does Negan kill Daryl?

According to "The Spoiling Dead Fans," Negan does not kill the fan favorite character. Instead, it is allegedly Glenn and Abraham who die in "The Walking Dead." However, that doesn't mean that Daryl is safe.

Negan and the Saviors have other plans him.

Dixon is alive, but is in trouble

In the season 7 premiere, Negan and the Saviors will kidnap Daryl Dixon. It isn't known exactly why they take him. The most likely explanation is that Negan wants to prove a point to Rick Grimes. Another theory is that Daryl tries to stand up to Negan. What is known is that he tries to escape at least once, but is not successful. He is also tortured while being held captive at the Sanctuary.

Norman Reedus has a different look in 'TWD'

Remember when Daryl made fun of Carol looking like an innocent housewife when they first arrived at Alexandria? The tables are turned in season 7. Negan will dress up Norman Reedus' character in a "silly prison outfit." Negan will also take the time to parade him around so everyone can see Daryl's new stylish attire.

Does Daryl Dixon die in 'The Walking Dead?'

As far as we know, he does not die, at least in the first few episodes of "TWD." However, that doesn't mean fans shouldn't worry about him. Like creator Robert Kirkman has said many times, nobody is safe on the television show. That includes the main character, Rick Grimes.

As for Norman Reedus, he is not only one of the most popular characters, but he is a huge money maker for AMC. It would be a big mistake to get rid of him now.

What do you think is going to happen to Daryl on "The Walking Dead?"

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