The Walking Dead is scheduled to return next month and the season premiere is going to be bloody. TWD fans already know that Negankilled at least one member of Rick's group. However, the identity was not revealed and is being kept a secret until October. Recently, showrunner Scott Gimple spoke about Negan's law and how Rick's group and the rest of Alexandria will deal with it.

Expect a gory 'TWD' season premiere

In Robert Kirkman's comic books, Negankills one of Rick's group members, and it was done brutally.

Some fans think that it will be watered down because of network guidelines.However, the showrunner claims that it is going to be gory, and nothing was held back. Norman Reedus, who plays Daryl Dixon on The Walking Dead said something similar a few months ago.

Alexandria will live according to Negan's Law

In an interview with TV Line, Gimpleteased that Rick Grimes and the others will live under Negan's rules. It seems to be the only way to survive at the moment, at least, until they come up with a plan.

In a promo that was released a few days ago, Neganis seen banging on Alexandria's gates with his barbed wire baseball bat, Lucille. It is dark outside, and Negan is wasting no time intimidating Rick's group. He wants to be sure they know there is no escape. Neganeven teases in the promo that he is everywhere.

Rick's group want their lives back in 'The Walking Dead.'

Understandably, the residents of Alexandria want their lives back.

Even though the TWD characters appear to be following Negan'srules, they won't stay under his thumb for long. If the television show follows the comic books, there will be a revolution. It won't just be Alexandria battling Negan and the Saviors. If season 7 follows the comics, joining in the fight with Alexandria will be Hilltop Colony and Ezekiel'scommunity, The Kingdom.

Neganwill continue to be part of the storyline

Even if the war is won in season 7, don't expect that to be the end of Negan. In the comic books, Rick fails to kill him. That is when he is taken a prisoner and locked up in a cage.However, he still manages to cause problems for Rick. It was teased by Jeffrey Dean Morgan months ago that Neganwill be around for a few years. With the actor being promoted to series regular, it makes sense that he will continue to have a major presence on the show for quite some time.

Do you think the Television show will follow the comics? Or will there be some changes to the story?

Find out when new episodes of The Walking Dead air on AMC Networks beginning October 23.

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