AMC just released the latest teaser trailer of the upcoming season seven of "The Walking Dead" which reveals Jeffrey Dean Morgan's reign of terror as Negan is just beginning for Rick and the group. "Walking Dead" fans need to hold on tight because you are about to begin a terrifying and bumpy ride come October 23rd when the "Walking Dead" finally returns with season seven. A season that even the most expert spoiler fans are not quite sure what exactly to expect.

Negan will show no mercy in TWD season 7!

One thing that is for sure is that it has been a long, long agonizing wait for TWD fans between season. One of the hardest yet. But as we have welcomed September in we are finally on the final countdown to October and fans are getting super amped up for the upcoming season of the AMC hit series.

A new teasers clip that has been released is making it abundantly clear that Negan is not playing around and will do whatever it takes to gain full control of everyone he comes across, including our beloved group of survivors.

It will be a terrifying debut as we finally find out once and for all who it is that we have been fearing for. The show will open up just where we left off with Rick and the group on their knees completely broken down and terrified for their lives.

The Walking Dead season 7 is going to rough for everyone invested!

It will not be pretty, and we have all been warned all along that one (two) of our beloved group will face a brutal, violent and gruesome death at the hands of Negan and his barbed-wired bat of death, Lucille.

Spoilers ahead! Consider yourself warned now. Spoiler reports have long revealed after several weeks of studying and some lurking in the set filming shadows just who they have discovered will be Negan's victim.

It has been revealed, and if you do not know by now that it is Glenn and Abraham that will die in the season seven opener of the "Walking Dead." So prepare yourselves fans for one majorly emotional debut and a full season of living in complete fear from week to week for those who have survived Negon thus far.

It will not be an easy season for the group or any of us fans for sure.

One final thing you need to prepare for all season long, no one is safe, no one! Come Spring 2017 it is clear we will all be seeing the "Walking Dead" through entirely new eyes. Do you think you are ready for what is to come?

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