The season 6 finale of The Walking Dead introduced Negan. Fans had been waiting for his debut for a long time and were excited when the episode finally aired. However, many were angry that it ended in a cliffhanger. Now, viewers have been waiting months to find out who Negan killed. Recently, it was suggested that AMC Networks have aired a watered down version of Negan.

Negan in the comic books

Having not read the TWD comics, I can only go by what others have said and the information I come across on the Internet. It seems that some fans who are familiar with Robert Kirkman's work are already disappointed.

In the comic books, Negan has a vocabulary that would make a seasoned sailorblush, says what he wants, and has specific rules that others must follow. If he decides someone must be punished, it is done brutally and unapologetically. He is a unique character and in the history of publishing, there doesn't seem to be anyone that compares to him. Some have called his rules "Negan's Law."

What 'TWD' fans saw on the season finale

Jeffrey Dean Morgan made his debut as Negan on the season 6 finale of The Walking Dead. It was toward the end of the episode and he was on screen for only 12 minutes. However, that short time span was enough to make everyone fear for the safety of their fan favorite characters.

Several months later and people are still wondering who did Negan kill. Even though that keeps fans talking, the show has been accused of abusing its power and using marketing gimmicks to keep viewers tuned in. I can see both sides of the coin. From a business perspective, people need a reason to keep talking and looking forward to what comes next.

However, that needs to be balanced with some closure or resolution. Negan's kill was not the only plotline that remained open, but Maggie's baby, Enid's real purpose in Alexandria, and more were questions that were never answered.

The kind of character Negan will be in 'The Walking Dead' season 7

With seeing Negan for only 12 minutes, it really is difficultto determine what kind of man fans will see.

In interviews, it has been said that he is a force to be reckoned with and a man who will terrorize Rick's (Andrew Lincoln) group for quite a while, Executive producer Gale Anne Hurd even called Negan a psychopath, but Scott Gimple teased that there is a reason for what he does. With so much conflicting information, are fans going to get the real deal or is the TV version of Negan just hype? Obviously, not everything Negan says or does can be aired on AMC because of those pesky network guidelines. However, the basic nature of Negan should remain intact.

If you have read the comic books, do you believe Negan won't measure up on the televisions show? Or do you have a different set of expectations for season 7 of The Walking Dead?

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