Reports today have Miley Cyrus doing just fine on "The Voice," when it comes to getting along with her colleagues in the judges seats. Yet rumors have bubbled up claiming that Cyrus has rubbed some of her fellow judges the wrong way. Behind all the smiles and joking around with each other on-air, it's reported that Miley came on the scene like she was in charge. This reported attitude of hers has caused friction, especially with her co-star Adam Levine. It seems that Levine and Cyrus have gone at it a few times while vying for the contestants to add to their team.

Not talking behind the scenes?

On "The Voice" the two look cordial, but behind the scenes AdamLevine doesn't talk to Miley and he goes out of his way so he doesn't get put in the position where he has to, according to The Inquisitr. Miley is not respecting the fact that Adam has been a long-time coach on "The Voice" and he knows the ropes better than she does because of his long-run on the show.

Miley acts as if she's in charge?

Instead of stepping back and taking advantage of Levine's knowledge about the show, Mileyjumps ahead as if she's in charge, said the insider. So that's one fellow coach, but what about her and the Country crooner Blake Shelton, how do these two get along?

Not another Miley problem?

It seems that Blake doesn't have a problem with her, but rumor has it Gwen Stefani doesn't like the way that Miley flirts with Blake. That rumor may be a bit hard to believe because at 40-years-old, Blake is old enough to be 23-year-old Miley's father. He would have been a teen father, but biologically, he could have been.

The report also indicates that Blake and Adam actually band together when it comes time to make sure that Miley doesn't get the contestants she's aiming for. That doesn't seem to be the case so far, as she got one of the best to hit the stage during the auditions, Ali Caldwell! When she sang "Dangerous Woman" she had jaws dropping -- she was just that good.

She surprised the masses picking Miley for a mentor, when all four judges were vying for her to join their team.

Wedding with all the judges except poor Miley?

The Inquisitr is also reporting that when Blake and Gwen get married around the Christmas holidays this year, all the judges are invited to the wedding except forMiley Cyrus. The reason is that this flirty thing she does with Blake is not something Gwen wants at her wedding. While they plan on inviting all past and present judges, many folks can't see Gwen and Blake being that mean and leaving out Miley.

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