Miley Cyrus is the talk of the town after "The Voice" kicked off with the premiere of season 11 last week. She's feeling her oats as a connoisseur of fine music because she's already predicted the winner of "The Voice" competition this season. And of course that prediction just happens to be about someone she's already swayed over to her team!

Chairs spinning for this singer!

It was the singer who got all four chairs spinning with her voice and then surprised the masses by picking Team Miley as the person to coach her to a win.


The"Wrecking Ball" singer tags Ali Caldwell as the future winner of "The Voice" season 11. It is not as if this was too much of a stretch after listening to Ali's voice.

Miley Cyrus has a crystal ball?

Although Miley was clowning around by predicting a winner so early on, "ET Online" suggests she just may be right! Many of the viewers might also agree after Caldwell's stunning rendition of "Dangerous Woman," which is a song originally made famous by Ariana Grande.


So what else can the fans of "The Voice" expect from first time judge Miley this season? For one thing, lots of crazy outfits. While Miley is showing a bit more maturity these days, you don't want her to start dressing like Martha Stewart. The crazy look is just fine, but when it comes to crazy antics, this is what got many of the fans of the show threatening a boycott when first hearing the news that Miley was on board.

Folks warming up to Miley?

So far folks are taken back with what she's shown them as she appears to care very much about the contestants and their journey on "The Voice." Folks are even posting apologies to Miley online after advocating for "The Voice" to find another judge.

Controversial choice pans out for 'The Voice'

Mark Burnett, who is the executive producer of "The Voice" couldn't be happier with their choice of putting Miley Cyrus on the show. He talked with reporters while walking the red carpet at the Emmy Awards last week. "The Voice" won the "Outstanding Reality-Competition Program" award.

Burnett said that he believes "every single week," people will be talking about Miley Cyrus as a judge on the show. He described what he's seen from the pop singer so far on "The Voice" as "amazing." Even the contestants are thrilled with Miley.

After Ali's fantastic performance in the blind competition, all four judges wanted her, but when it came time to choose, she surprised everyone and gravitated toward Miley. 

Catch "The Voice" on Monday and Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. EST on NBC.

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