A new season of The Voice has just kicked off and fans are already having a blast with this one. There is a new combination of judges leading the way in Season 11 and it is clear that there are talented contestants ready to do battle. However, Monday night's episode will be shorter than usual and this will surely leave some viewers annoyed.

Why is 'The Voice' so short Monday night?

As Taste of Country details, the September 26 show will only be an hour long and that is due to the presidential debate set to air Monday night on all of the major networks.

The upcoming debate has shaken things up for the next “Dancing With the Stars” episode as well, but this “Voice” show likely won't seem all that different than most other shows in the series at this stage other than being shorter.

Last week's premiere got the Audition Rounds started and everybody watched as country crooner Blake Shelton lost out on former child star country singer Billy Gilman. All four judges went after Gilman, but he ended up going with Adam Levine as his mentor. That didn't leave Shelton completely empty-handed in the country department, though.

Singer Sundance Head wasn't quite so torn when he went with Team Blake.

When will the battle rounds begin?

According to TV Guide, the blind audition episodes will continue into the October 4 show, which will be a recap of the best previous auditions. “The Voice” viewers will also get a glimpse at what lies ahead with the battle rounds that will begin the following week during that show. Will there be any big shake-ups in the teams as Blake, Adam, Miley Cyrus, and Alicia Keys head into the next phase of the competition at that point?

Fans are used to the banter that has played out among former combinations of judges, but there are new dynamics in play with the addition of Miley and Alicia this time around. Will one of the ladies end up scoring the singer who ultimately wins this season, or will veterans Adam or Blake manage to dominate? Everybody will get to see more of the talent ahead as this season continues during Monday night's shortened episode of “The Voice” ahead of the first presidential debate.

Do you have a favorite contestant yet?

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