'The Voice' has quickly become one of the most popular shows on television thanks to its awesome judges and quality singing. The show has quickly gained viewers and now has an extremely loyal following that watches the show every night. The show is similar to 'America's Got Talent,' but features only singing instead of a wide variety of talent. Tonight, the show will be cut short by a presidential debate that is expected to eclipse more than one hundred million viewers.

Presidential Debate.

Tonight's debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump is expected to shatter all TV records for presidential debates.

Both are controversial figures who have been involved in scandalous activities that have hurt their chances of winning. Tonight, they will need to appeal to voters in a race that is surprisingly very close right now. People who want to watch a full episode of 'The Voice' will have to wait a little longer and will instead be faced with two candidates, one of which will eventually be the leader of America.

Advertising Companies.

The real question here is why exactly 'The Voice' can be shortened in the middle of their season.

There is just one answer for the problem: Advertisers. The main draw on Monday night will be a presidential debate that features two candidates who spout controversial opinions every five minutes. That's gold for TV networks, who can charge an even bigger premium for advertisements that will reach a ton of American consumers. Those spaces are expensive and it only makes sense for TV networks to cut 'The Voice' short this week.

Don't Worry!

'The Voice' will continue its normal schedule on Tuesday night and viewers will again get the chance to watch the entire show. Fans looking for more Blake Shelton will continue to be satisfied as the judge tries to continue his reign of dominance on 'The Voice.' Newcomer Miley Cyrus is immediately looking to make her mark on the show and will try to take judge Blake Shelton down. All we can do now is wait for the next episode of 'The Voice' to come out on Tuesday to satisfy our singing desires.

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