Miley Cyrus is new to "The Voice" this season and she got a rude awakening when first starting the blind auditions. She said she just assumed that someone was there to tell you how to pick, but that is just not the case. It is all real, which seemed to amaze her. One thing she let her fans know recently was that she is actually better at "acting crazy" than "being crazy." It sounds like Miley is trying to convey that she's not as crazy as you might think she is!


Takes 'The Voice' very seriously

The "Wrecking Ball" singer has taken this gig very seriously, which seems in contrast to the Miley who spent the better part of the last five years rolling out the shock factor for her fans. Miley said that after her day is done on "The Voice" she can go back to Malibu and live her nice life, but that is not the case for many of the contestants she mentoring on the show

Cattle rancher wants to lose the cows!

She talked about a cattle rancher that she has on her team and at the end of this season he doesn't want to go back to meandering among the cows.


He has hopes of making it big in music, as do others from all walks of life who are on this show. Miley said that during her time with the contestants on her team she has learned there are some that have hopes of supporting their families after making it big in music. From the cattle rancher to the other folks vying for a break, she has learned to take each one very seriously.

Life-changing show

It is their life they are looking to change with Miley's help and this is a big responsibility for the former "Hannah Montana" star!

Miley talked about her seven dogs, pet pig, and two miniature horses that call her home their home. She shares her home with these animals, except for the pig. The pig bit her on her ankle so she had to move the animal to a more barn-like setting, according to The Stuff NZ. She laughs about how she can seem crazy at times and how when she first came on the show she was a bit apprehensive about meeting Alicia Keys for that reason. 

Along comes Alicia Keys

She didn't know what Keys thought about her and how the two of them working together would pan out.

Miley was pleasantly surprised to connect with Keys and become friends. She explains that Alicia has a son and Miley, well she has animals. They are both mature women so when she describes them as friends she doesn't mean that they "do each other's nails" or "have sleepovers," but they get along just fine.

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