Monday night will see the first of the presidential debates. Because of this, NBC and other networks need to change their planned programming very slightly. For those who are fans of "The Voice," this means that the episode will be reduce to just 60 minutes of airtime (including the annoying ad breaks) Monday. Programs like "Dancing With the Stars" will also see a reduced episode for the sake of the presidential debates. The good news is that Tuesday's episode will be back to normal, as the blind auditions continue in "The Voice" 2016.

Hilary Clinton vs. Donald Trump

The presidential debates are important, so it is understandable that the regular programming is being cut short. This is just the first debate, so there are likely more interruptions to come over the next few weeks. Don't worry, though, because it won't last long. The elections are on November 8. You'll soon forget that it all happened. The great news is that the next presidential debates won't affect "The Voice" 2016 scheduling, as they are held on October 9 and October 19.

The vice-president debate is held next Tuesday, so will likely affect the Tuesday night episode but that's only one week.

What's going on in 'The Voice' 2016 so far?

Last week was just the firstweekof "The Voice." The network showed the first set of blind auditions, with all four judges getting passionate about the people they wanted to join their teams. So far, Adam Levine and Blake Shelton have the stronger singers.

Levine was lucky enough to get former child star Billy Gilman on his team, while Shelton secured former "American Idol" contestant Sundance Head. There are still plenty of more opportunities for Alicia Keys and Miley Cyrus to secure strong singers.

The blind auditions of "The Voice" 2016 continue this week. NBC has shared various videos on the official YouTube channel, with a rendition of "Losing My Religion" sung by Aaron Gibson being released today.

While the presidential debate will interrupt Monday's programming, most other episodes of "The Voice" will be aired as normal.

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