This week on "The Voice" the fans got to seeBlake Shelton use the"Gwen Stefani" card for the purpose of securing one of his team members. By doing so he somewhat peeved off his "Maroon 5" co-host. The two were vying for Ethan Tucker after his Reggae version of "Roxanne" when Shelton spewed out how he has an "in" with the Reggae world these days. Yep, he meant Gwen Stefani, and Adam Levine quickly called Blake on trumping him with that line!

Gwen is heavy on Blake's mind!

Gwen, who is not a regular on "The Voice" this season, was very much on Shelton's mind during the first blind audition shows.

This country singer is so smitten that he gushed how he may be having a family soon while attempting to show that he had something in common with one of the contestants after she revealed she is the mom of a young son.

He wanted her on his team, and while the other celebrity singers were offering up their family situations hoping to bond with the contestant and get her on their team, he lowered the boom! The audience was thrilled. This meant that Blake and Gwen would possibly marry sometime soon, making the country singer an instant family man with Gwen and her three boys!

The interest in Lauren Diaz after her audition went from Miley Cyrus to Alicia Keys and Blake Shelton, all trying to appeal to this singer on a personal level, enticing them her way!

Alicia Keys also has a young son and she shared that bit of information during this enticing process!

Raining cats and dogs for Miley!

Miley Cyrus could only offer up cats and dogs for the parties in her family she is responsible for parenting, but Blake dropped a bit of a bombshell. Amid the rumors of a marriage in the near future for Blake and Gwen, he told the Lauren that while he's not a family man today, he may fall into that category soon, according to Buddy TV.

The audience, along with the fans on social media, took this as an official reveal of his up-and-coming wedding!Tying the knot with Gwen would make him step-father to her three young sons, which would give him an instant family and put him in the category that the celebrity singers were attempting to use for swaying Lauren their way.

No shame in playing the 'Gwen' card?

After playing the Stefani card to sway Ethan Tucker to his team, Shelton talked with the reporters. He didn't feel any shame at all in throwing Gwen's name into the mix. He told reporters "if you got it, you gotta use it!"His gushing about his "in" with Gwen put the audience into an applause, especially when his family planning was revealed.

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