When Sundance Head chose Blake Shelton as his coach in "The Voice" 2016, it wasn't a big surprise for many. However, it wasn't his initial first choice. He had considered a different coach, but something made him change his mind before announcing the name. And the kicker is that he doesn't fully know what made him make this different decision. After impressing the judges with "I've Been Loving You Too Long" by Otis Reading, he was going to pick Adam Levine but his heart settled on Shelton at the last minute.

Choosing"The Voice" 2016 coachwith the most business success

While he initially thought about the Maroon 5 singer, there was no doubt for Head that Shelton had the most experience within his preferred style.

Shelton has made millions in the country scene, and continues to release successful track after track. As he thought more and more about it, he knew that opting for Levine wasn't in his best interest. While he said he doesn't fully know what made him change his mind, it is understandable that it is linked to where he wants to be in business.

Not a stranger to reality TV

Head isn't a stranger to the TV singing competition world. Back in 2007 he was on "American Idol," where he made it to the top 16 before being cut. He even managed to get a recording contract, but it didn't go anywhere. He admits that this was his fault, as he wasn't ready for everything that would happen afterwards. There is hope that his coach on "The Voice"will help to prepare him for the future that he is likely to have after the competition.

Head even believes that being on this singing competition will be better than "Idol," since there is the focus on how to improve and get ready for the world on the other side. Both Levine and Shelton could probably help him prepare for all this, but Shelton has been going longer and may be able to help him specifically with the industry that he wants to break into.

"The Voice" 2016 continues on Mondays and Tuesdays on NBC with the blind auditions. Keep watching to find out how Head does under Shelton's guidance.

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