The blind auditions of "The Voice" 2016 started last week. As usual, "NBC" has released promos of this week's episode on the official YouTube channel. There are some exciting renditions of favorite songs coming up this season, with one spectacular version of REM's "Losing My Religion" by Aaron Gibson. He appears on the stage armed with just his guitar for the performanceand has all the coaches listening carefully from the very beginning. The promo even goes into just who turns around and the reasons for it. Just who will he choose to be his coach throughout the series?

'The Voice' continues with the battle between the coaches

While sharing their views on Gibson's rendition of the iconic song, the promo shoes that the battle between the coaches continues on the show. This is the first season with Miley Cyrus and Alicia Keys sitting in between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton--the only two coaches remaining from the original season. Cyrus jokingly complains about being bullied by the two male judges, while trying to win Gibson for her team.

You can see the battle and the comments in the video below:

A soulful rendition of 'Losing My Religion'

Most seasons of "The Voice" has someone doing a rendition of "Losing My Religion." In fact, most Reality TV shows that includesinging has at least one person singing the iconic REM song.

So many just don't quite get it right, but that isn't the case with Gibson. He sends chills up the spine with his husky, deep tones. Keys couldn't help but compliment his powerful, special tones that very few people have. Cyrus shared that she wanted to listen to him in the car, after pointing out to Shelton that Nashville is closer to Atlanta, which is where Gibson is from, as a way to win him.

Three out of the four judges turned for Gibson. Why didn't Levine? Well, you'll have to watch the video to find out why. Maybe he is just ready for the steal when it has to come up later this season. Just who will Gibson chose as his judge on "The Voice" 2016?" You'll need to watch the episodes this week on Monday and Tuesday on "NBC."

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