The prime time Emmys were handed out the night of September 18. Two shows about cut throne politics (one using the term literally) won the top honors according to the Washington Times. “Game of Thrones” the epic fantasy series airing on HBO won the award for best drama. “veep” the series depicting a Hillary Clinton-like politician who starts as vice president but spent the last season as an unlikely president won the Emmy for best comedy series. Of course, all seemed appropriate in an election year.

“Game of Thrones” has featured the brutal struggle for the throne of a mythical kingdom of Westeros, based on the series of novels by George R. R. Martin. The series has depicted just about every form of human depravity known to man in a world where the ruthless and the evil and the virtuous and the good fall equally to the assassin’s dagger or a cup of poison. To be sure, many people have tried to find parallels in modern, American politics. The differences are that neither Hillary Clinton, the nearest equivalent to the mad, bad Cersei Lannister, nor Donald Trump, a clear scion of the House Baratheon, are allowed to have one another killed.

“Veep,” on the other hand, has told the story of Selina Meyer, a politician whose monstrous ambition is only matched by her profound incompetence. Nevertheless, she lucked into the presidency in the last season and spent a number of episodes trying to hold onto it in an election that had more twists and turns than the real life one is likely to feature (though things are not over yet.) The main difference between Meyer and Hillary Clinton is that the former is younger, more physically attractive, and physically healthier than her real world counterpart.

Both shows, the one blood-drenched, the other guffaw-inducing, have a season or two to go. Those seasons will take place after the current election when the nation will be blessed with either the first woman president or the first chief executive to rise directly from the business world to the most powerful office on the planet.

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