Wednesday night was a huge night for fans of American Horror Story (AHS)as the sixth season of the popular show premiered on FX.

The theme revealed

Well, kind of. Unlike the past five seasons, this time around the creators of American Horror Storydid not reveal what the theme of the show would be about. Since last season concluded on January 13 of this year, AHS junkies have been wanting more. There's been so much speculation as to what the new season will be about, including story lines based on The Mist, Charles Manson, and the Roanoke colony.

Creator Ryan Murphy, who is also the executive producer of Scream Queens, knows how to get a viewers attention. Season 6 of American Horror Story started off with something that really got people talking. The show began with the lede, "The Following Story Is Inspired By True Events."

My Roanoke Nightmare

Those who predicted season 6 would have a tie to the Roanoke colony were correct. The title My Roanoke Nightmare was displayed during the premier.TMZ first reported this idea in August after a photographer took some pictures of the AHS set.

The Roanoke colony is also known as the Lost colony, a mystery that is over 425 years old. 117 people disappeared from the North Carolina colony all the way back in 1590.

American Horror Story is known for leaving viewers baffled. Episodes are never clear cut, and there is always a ton of room for interpretation. With that being said, nobody knows what can be expected in the coming episodes. There could be more themes than just the Lost colony theme.

After last night's premiere, fans know a little bit more, but nothing is ever concrete.

There were only a handful of the confirmed cast who appeared in episode one. Sarah Paulson, Cuba Gooding Jr., Lily Rabe, Andre Holland, Angela Bassett, and Kathy Bates. Fans of the show were going crazy on Twitter, waiting for Evan Peters to make an appearance. He never did make it on to the premier episode, but he will undoubtedly play a role in this season.

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