The Simpsons” will “resurrect” a previously deceased character, in a manner of speaking, in celebration of the show’s 600th episode.

Who is this Frank Grimes?

Intended as a parody of an every-man trapped in a cartoon, Frank Grimes was a one-shot character who appeared in the episode “Homer's Enemy.” Having overcome various hardships in life, the character of Frank Grimes grew quickly envious of the Simpsons patriarch, Homer, his co-worker, after learning that he somehow managed to obtain a decent life and family despite being rather lazy and uneducated.

In an attempt to humiliate Homer, he tricked him into entering a building contest intended for children, only for the plan to backfire when he actually won. In a fit of madness, he tried to demoralize Homer all the more by mocking his behavior in public, going so far as to grab power-cords barehanded, electrocuting him to death.

A later episode showcased a long-lost son of the character, with the same name, plotting to kill Homer out of revenge. While other characters on the show who have died have occasionally been brought back, often with the implication that reports of their death was some sort of mistake, such as Dr.

Marivn Monroe, Frank Grimes Sr. has remained dead since his debut episode.

But anything can happen on Halloween night…

The character, according to recent reports, will be brought back for the show’s 600th episode, which coincidentally will also be one of the show’s annual ‘Treehouse of HorrorsHalloween-themed specials. That said, the show will not conveniently ignore the character’s death, as he will be returning as a ghost.

According to a press release, the episode will feature Grimes alongside other recurring villains of the show, such as Sideshow Bob or the Kudos and Kang aliens, plotting revenge on the family. It seems that the character will only make a small cameo alongside said villains.

Frank Grimes Sr.’s voice actor, Hank Azaria, is a series regular, so it would be likely that he will reprise the character’s voice.Undead versions of the Frank Grimes character have actuallyappeared before in the show's Halloween specials, such as in the opening of a previous one, which can be seen below:

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