They say ‘speed thrills but kills’, well, it may be true for normal folks but not toBarry Allen—the fastest man in an alternate reality. If such speed was acquired through physical means, am sure everyone would be queuing in the S.T.A.R labs waiting for Harrison Wells to do his ‘magic’ in the Particle Accelerator to give them a share of Allen’s lightning speed. Alas, we are only limited to the typical hiatus-filled TV seasons, so all we can do is hope for new thrilling episodes that will immerse us right into the parallel universe.

Luckily,season 3 is here with new episodes that take the cast and the story to a new dimension. Considering the ‘ugly’ set of events that hit Barry’s life at the end of season 2, we should have a clue of how things will spin in season 3. However, just like "Star Wars 8; Echoes of the Dark Side" that will pick up from where "The Force Awakens"left off and then take a totally different path, season 3 will pick up from where Season 2 ended, but eventually put viewers in a much different universe. A new universe that is different from what we are used to in earth 1 and earth 2.

The clock has begun to tick -- 'The Flash' premiere

If you are a faithful follower,then you won’t need Harrison Wells brain power to foretell when season 3 will kick off. Judging from what we’ve seen in the past, both season 1 and season 2 debuted on the first Tuesday of October, and season 3 is no exception. The CW announced that the next season will premiere on Tuesday, October 4th at 8.00PM ET. It has also been revealed that the premiere will be titled "Flashpoint" so we expect things to be quite exciting.

It all starts in a different universe

Now this is where things get interesting. Every personality you know will be shaken up in the first episode. The science master and tech genius Cisco Ramon will be introduced in the first episode as the richest man in Central City. Will people live in peace with this ‘swaggerific’ millionaire in town? We will find out. After destroying Zoom, Barry could not let go of the pain of losing his father, so he did what Harrison Wells always warned him about; traveled back in time.

In doing so, he disturbed the balance of nature, creating a new timeline that sets the entire episode in a new dimension.

Barry finds himself in a new world where both his parents are alive, where he has no relationship with Iris and Cisco, and where he is the tycoon of the city. Recall that Jesse Wells and Wally West survived the particle accelerator explosion in Season 2. Though it’s not clear how the accelerator affected Wally, he is introduced as the ‘Kid Flash’ in the new alternate world. It’s not clear whether he will retain the powers throughout the entire season. In the new world, Barry explains that he doesn’t need to be The Flash, as there is already another.

When Barry starts forgetting his old life, the Reverse Flash appears and warns him that there will be fatal consequences for him and the people he loves if he does not return to his universe. In addition to memory loss, he will attract disaster and won’t have the power to save people. Disaster strikes and Barry has to make a tough decision of whether to remain as a dutiful son of the loving parents or return to his universe as The Flash. We are yet to find out what will happen to Wally West as inside sources say that Barry Allen will remain the narrative focus.

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