Bollywood is a clone of Hollywood and after the success of the film Rocky with Sylvester Stallone, it was on the cards that a film in the same genre would be made in Mumbai. The requirement was for a beefy muscular star who could project a macho image. The top star of the Bollywood screen,Salman Khan was selected to play the role of Sultan.

Wrestling in India

The script writer and director made a slight change and replaced boxing with wrestling. Indian style wrestling or "Khusti" is as old as history and the great Bhima of the Mahabharata was a great wrestler.

Khusti was also patronized by Indian kings and maharajas. The maharajah of Patiala had sponsored the great wrestler "Gama" or Ghulam Bux and it is recorded that he beat the world champion Stanley inside 4 minutes.

The film

The filmis one of the biggest box-office successes of the year. It relates the tale of a wrestler who wins the Olympic gold medal but has a personal tragedy as his wife leaves him after a stillbirth as the wrestler was so busy that he never bothered to tend to his family.Sultan,the wrestler goes to seed till many years later he is motivated to fight again, this time in the world freestyle championship.

The wrestler trains hard and wins, and also wins back his wife. Salman Khan essays the role of the wrestler with aplomb. He has a flawless body and he must have really worked hard in the wrestling scenes. These scenes are the piece de resistance of the film and prove Salman deserves the crown of the no 1 star in Mumbai.

The film has slick direction by Ali Abbas Zafar. However, the film is a trifle too long and some slick editing could have pruned the film by 30 minutes.

There are also some 8 songs in the movie which are a bit of a drag.The film is an out and out Salman show. His co-star Anushka Sharma is just there as a prop as Salman hogs the screen. However, Ravinder Hooda as the trainer of Salman does a neat job.

Salman Khan

Salman has been recognized by the Indian government and was made the brand ambassador of the Indian Olympic squad for the Rio Olympics. He also courted controversy when he stated after a grueling wrestling shot that he felt like a "raped woman." Salman was castigated for this comment on social media.

Controversy aside, Salman is simply great in the film.

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