There is a fierce battle brewing over Forrester Creations on The Bold and the Beautiful and spoilers tease that reinforcements will soon be brought into the mix of this fight. Ridge is orchestrating a takeover to push Quinn out of the company and away from Eric and teasers reveal that he will look to utilize more than just Bill's shares of the company to make it happen. What's the scoop?

Bold and Beautiful teasers reveal big returns are ahead

As CBS Soaps in Depth details, Winsor Harmon and Lesli Kay are being brought back to play Thorne and Felicia.

Harmon is supposed to return beginning on Wednesday, September 21, while Kay's first appearance comes on Thursday, September 22. At this point, it is not known how long Thorne or Felicia will be sticking around, although it sounds as if it is likely just for a short time.

How do Felicia and Thorne enter into this complicated family drama? The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Ridge will reach out to them, asking them to head home to help with family issues. It seems that he expects them to back him in his quest to take over control of Forrester Creations from Eric and force Quinn to go away.

However, there are hints that he may not get quite what he anticipates on this front. Quinn has been aligning an ally in Ivy and she isn't about to give up without a fight, and at this point, Eric remains determined to keep her in his life.

Bold and Beautifulis welcoming back Felicia and Thorne after quite some time away

Thorne was most recently back in town about a year ago, appearing in a few episodes involving his daughter Aly's downward spiral and shocking death.

Harmon has popped up on the show numerous times over the years and viewers would love to see him back on a more regular basis.

As for Felicia, she has been out of the picture for a longer time. The last that fans saw of her was about two years ago when Wyatt, Hope, and Rick visited her in Paris. This Forrester family black sheep could certainly shake things up upon her return and viewers cannot wait to see how this plays out.

Will Thorne and Felicia side with Ridge in this family battle, or will Eric end up getting some much-needed help as he tries to stay with Quinn and run Forrester Creations? Viewers cannot wait to see Winsor Harmon and Lesli Kay back in the mix of things and The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that things are going to get wild as this family battle plays out.

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