What's going to happen during Monday, September 12 episode of the Bold and the Beautiful? The spoilers reveal that Bill (Don Diamont) will urge Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood) to choose between his sons, Wyatt (Darin Brooks) or Liam (Scott Clifton). Quinn (Rena Sofer) brags and shows off her gigantic rock which pushes poor Steffy over the edge. The engagement news puts Steffy in a bad spot, and she vows to stop the wedding, even if she "has to cross the line."

Steffy can't let go

Soap Opera Spy reports that Steffy will tell Bill that before she makes a decision about her marriage, she needs to get rid of Quinn.

Bills will notice that her disdain for Quinn has taken over her life, and it may be time to let go of things she cannot control. The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers report that he will tell her he has two sons waiting on her answer and urged her to repair her marriage.

The Bold and the Beautiful Monday's episode preview shows Bill telling Steffy to pack her bags and go back to her husband. She will tell him that "He of all people" should know that she cannot do that. Until this ordeal with Quinn is settled, she doesn't know which Spencer brother she wants to be with.

Just pack your bags and go be with Wyatt

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers indicate that Bill still will not like that Steffy is not willing to reconcile with Wyatt, but will accept it--for now.

Bill will advise her to find a way to deal with Quinn and focus on her own marriage. Steffy begins to wonder if Bill was right and considers shutting Quinn out and reaching out to Wyatt, but is stopped in her tracks when she learns of Eric (John McCook) and Quinn's big news, Celeb Dirty Laundry reports.

How will Steffy react when she sees the gigantic rock on Quinn's finger? We can assume that it won't go over well and she will stop at nothing to end their engagement.

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Quinn will flash her ring to Steffy and announce that she is going to marry her grandfather.

It will send Steffy over the edge, and she will come unhinged.

The engagement sends Steffy in a panic

Of course, the Bold and the Beautiful spoilers hint that Quinn will try to calm Steffy down by insisting that she loves Eric and is thrilled they are going to become man and wife. Steffy refuses to accept the news and vows to drive a wedge between them. It's pretty likely that Steffy will go straight to her uncles, aunts, siblings, and cousins and reveal the news to them. Once the news reaches Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), he will definitely spring into action against the idea.

Ridge and Brooke bond

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers tease that Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) will tell Ridge that he cannot refer to her as "his Logan" because she is marrying Bill. Brooke will tell him that Bill wouldn't appreciate that comment and could make a pretty big deal out of it.

Ridge will not worry about anything Bill says or does, and says he hopes Bill won't try to cut him out of her life. He will tell her that he appreciates her friendship. Rumor has it that over the next few months, Bill and Brooke will get closer and it could lead to another love connection between them.

The Bold and the Beautiful fans, do you think Eric and Quinn will get married? Do you think Steffy will go back to Wyatt?

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