It is time for Nick Viall to look for love once again on reality television, but this time, he's doing it as ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 lead. Filming is just getting started and gossip guru Reality Steve is starting to share spoilers. How are things shaping up so far?

'Bachelor' show creator teases the start of filming

Show creator Mike Fleiss just teased via Twitter that all of the introductions are about to begin for Nick Viall as his “Bachelor” journey gets started. The network will not officially reveal the cast of bachelorettes vying for roses for a while yet, but Reality Steve's spoilers are already sharing some of the scoophe has uncovered.

It sounds as if viewers will see Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell chat with Nick as he prepares to start this “Bachelor” journey, and many fans are betting that there will be one or two previous contestants popping up as Season 21 bachelorettes to try to find love with Viall. At this point, Reality Steve says he has not confirmed any names on that front, but it seems a fairly sure bet that it'll happen.

What's known about Viall's bachelorettes so far?

The “Bachelor” gossip king shares that he has names of 11 ladies so far that have been cast for Season 21, but he notes that some last-minute tweaks could lead to changes in the group as filming begins.

He released the names and photos of four ladies he believes are going to be on the show and more will come in the days ahead.

So far, Reality Steve named Lacey Mark from New York, Leila Pari from California, Kristina Schulman from Kentucky, and Elizabeth Whitelaw, who currently lives in Texas, as likely bachelorettes for Nick. It sounds as if viewers can expect this season's ladies to still skew fairly young, despite the fact that Viall is 35-years-old.

Will Nick Viall find love this winter on ABC's “The Bachelor” 2017 season? Choosing him definitely generated a lot of buzz, considering his prior history with the franchise, but many are anxious to watch his journey and see if the fourth time winds up being the charm for him. Season 21 will film until mid-November and debut in January and viewers cannot wait to get started.

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