"The Americans" did not win the best drama award at the Emmy's 2016 and while fans all seem to agree that there is nothing all that wrong with "Game of Thrones," lots of them took to social media to complain the series was "robbed of the best drama award." Others felt that "Robot" was a second best choice if "The Americans" did not feature, but once again "Game of Thrones " took it away with the top series recognition, as did "Veep" in the best comedy category.

The "New York Times" wrote that although the Emmy's seem to be improving, "Please, television lords, let “The Americans” be the next show the Emmy Awards wake up to.

It took a while for “Orphan Black,” so maybe good things come to those who wait." The fans are in agreement with that. Let's take look at what fans were saying about "The Americans" and the Emmy's.

The most poignant and probably the comment with the most humor came from Ramsin Canon who commented, as below.

When subjects start to trend on Twitter, people who would otherwise never watch a programsuddenly become interested, so although "The Americans" did not take awards, there are quite a few people who now know there is a great show out there that they have not watched before.

New viewers is always a win for Tv shows, so maybe next year, the new people will add to it's popularity. Who knows, maybe the people who judge the Emmy's might even watch it after they see how it is trending on Twitter.

"The Americans" premiered in 2013 and "Variety" reported that, "Although the show never became a major awards-season contender, it was recognized in 2015 with a Peabody Award." It was also awarded for outstanding achievement in drama at the Television Critics Association Awards,not to mention being voted the best drama series at the Critics Choice Television Awards.

Fans were hoping this time around that their favorite show would win something - anything at this year's Emmy's, but they were sadly disappointed.

There is always next year to look forward too though and with the announcement that in 2017 the show will air a 13-episode fifth season, there is still an chance that the Emmy's will one day give this show the recognition it deserves.

If you have not yet seen "The Americans," here iswhere you can find out a bit more about the series:

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