Terra Jole may be the first little person on "Dancing with the Stars," but she isn't letting that hold her back at all. Now Terra is challengingLindsay Arnold and Calvin Johnson for week three and telling them to watch out. She is planning on doing her best to win the show this season. Terra is doing great so far.

What did Terra Jole have to say?

Terra posted a video that was pretty much her calling out Lindsay and Calvin telling them that she is going to beat them. Terra teased that she was going to show them how they will handle a couple like them as she picked up her partner Sasha and flipped him up over herbody.

Terra didn't go easy on him either. Lindsay and Calvin should be a bit worried if Terra has plans to kick their butt the way she did Sasha. It is going to be a competition that is for sure.

How did Calvin Johnson reply?

Calvin Johnson didn't let these comments just go, though. He actually shared saying that he doesn't let his female partner throw him around and likes to be in charge. Calvin seems to think that he will be the one to win this big face off against Terra. Fans can't wait to see how it all goes down on Monday night. It is going to be interesting that is for sure.

This week is the face off, where two couples will perform the same dance. It won't be to the same song, though. Instead, it will be different songs, but the judges will still pick out who did the best between the two of them.

These two couples are both dancing theViennese Waltz. The thing is whichever couple wins will end up being safe this week. That is a huge advantage to have, so both Calvin and Terra want to do everything they can to be the ones who get it.

Do you think that Terra or Calvin will have the better dance in week three?

Who is your pick to win this season of "Dancing With The Stars"? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and don't miss the new episodes of "DWTS" on Monday and Tuesday nights both on ABC. This week you will get to see if Terra or Calvin wins their big dance off.

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