Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney's wedding is fast approaching. The two will be married over the course of along weekendevent October 7th through October 9th in Tallahassee, Florida. "MTV" will cover the wedding as part of the filming of the popular series "Teen Mom OG" but one star will not be there.

Did Maci overlook Farrah on the guest list?

Farrah Abraham has apparently been snubbed by Bookout and McKinney. No invitation has arrived. Abraham's on again, off again boyfriend Simon Saran has said she doesn't care that she was excluded from the wedding because her history with Bookout has been so negative.

Saran went on to say that he had no interest in watchingsiblings get married. Abraham said herself that she is so busy with her own life that she just doesn't care.

Abraham's past in the porn industry has been a source of contention between the "Teen Mom OG" stars. Bookout spoke her mind about how she felt about her oldest son Bentley being on the show because of Abraham's participation in a sex tape.

Do the choices of one affect the other?

Bookout says she isn't judging Abraham's but Bentley is being asked some tough questions at school.

The other kids are asking if his mother is the one that made a sex tape. Abraham realized Bookout had issues with her returning to the show so shetalked to her. It turned really nasty really fast. They two never did make amends after that. Neither of the "Teen Mom OG" stars offered an apology or even an olive branch. Bookout felt that Abraham was talking down to her. Abraham wanted to make sure she knew that porn was no longer a part of her life and her daughter Sophia was not affected by her choices.

Could there be deeper issues between the two?

Abraham has had problems with production of the show, her mother, her father, Simon Saran and the list goes on. She is known for treating others with a lot less respect than she expects from them. It seems that Bookoutwill stand her ground and not budge as will Abraham. Apparently, the two remain at an impasse with no end in sight.

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