It's almost time for Maci Bookout's wedding to Taylor McKinney and “Teen Mom OG” fans cannot wait. The nuptials should be a big event, but now there is some drama swirling as one infamous co-star of the bride's is not invited and she's speaking out about the slight. Farrah Abraham and her boyfriend Simon Saran won't be at Taylor and Maci's wedding, and they're not mincing words about how they feel about it.

Farrah Abraham won't be at the wedding

Radar Online shares that Farrah Abraham confirmed that she did not get an invitation to Maci Bookout's wedding to Taylor McKinney. She says, however, that she doesn't care and she's busy anyway.

The reality television star's boyfriend, Simon Saran, notes that they wouldn't want to be there anyway, and he quipped that he doesn't “want to see two siblings get married.”

Of course, it should come as no surprise to “Teen Mom OG” fans that Farrah and Simon were left off of the guest list to Maci and Taylor's nuptials. As inTouch notes, the two women faced off upon Abraham's return to the show over her sex tape past and things have never really been patched up between them.

Who will be at Bookout's nuptials?

Taylor and Maci are set to wed on October 7 in Florida, and the buzz is that all of the other “Teen Mom OG” stars have been invited. The couple recently shared some engagement photos that fans loved and everybody will be anxious to see video and photos from the big day.

MTV cameras will be there filming and the wedding will be featured in an upcoming episode.

Abraham clearly is trying to play it all off as no big deal that she and her sometime boyfriend were excluded from the guest list. Fans surely won't necessarily believe that she would have been too busy to attend anyway, and even if she hates to admit it, she surely feels slighted over the exclusion.

However, Farrah is determined to make it seem as if she couldn't care less over the lack of an invitation.

Should Maci Bookout have given Farrah Abraham a wedding invitation just for the sake of playing nice with her "Teen Mom OG" co-star?

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