"Teen Mom OG" has chronicled the tumultuous relationship between Amber Portwood and Matt Baier. It has all come out that he had tried to schmooze her fellow co-stars and was rejected by them before he set his sights on Amber. Last season was rough on Baier. After it came out about Amber being his back-up plan rather than his first choice, poor Amber found out more bad news. Gary Shirley, father of Amber's daughter, had checked out Baier. He provided documentation to Amber that showed Baier has several children with different baby-mommas that are not receiving child support.

Matt Baier works on his tarnished reputation

According toThe Hollywood Gossipthis season of "Teen Mom OG" has been referred to as an apology tour by Baier. Perception is reality and the reality is thatthe perception of Baier is not positive. He is seen as a deceptive, deadbeat dad that is more interested in Amber's money than her or her child. Whenever he does do something nice his motives are questioned.

As he planned a surprise birthday celebration for Amber, social media posts questioned his reasons. Was it as innocent as to give Amber a celebration to remember? Or, as many have wondered, is he sucking up to Gary Shirley? Afterall, he did make a point of inviting Amber's ex and his new wifeto the party.

When he told Amber's cousin, even she seemed surprised. Why would he decide to invite them unless it was to suck up to Shirleyand also to make Amber, his benefactor, maybe think he isn't a middle aged, gold-digging deadbeat?

Where does the relationship stand?

The two were set to be married next month.

Amber did, however, call off the wedding. Instead of two "Teen Mom OG" weddings, there will only be Maci Bookout's. That is as far as she went, however, as the two remain together.

Amber could benefit greatly from being with an older guy that is settled and doesn't bring secrets and baggage into the relationship.Too bad Baier hasn't proven to be that guy.

So much has happened that fans on social media wonder why she is still with him.

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