We saw "Teen Mom OG" star Catelyn Lowell struggle after the birth of her daughter, Novalee last season. She has been open about her depressionandanxiety issues. The new mom also struggled with post-partum depression. Even with good family support and her husband standing firmly by her side, she realized she needed more help. Catelyn checked herselfinto an Arizonarehab facility for a month-long stay.

According toUS Weeklywhen Catelyn returns, Tyler is as thrilled to see her as she is him! The reunion is emotional and heartwarming.

The two 22-year-oldsclearly have a loving, supportive relationship.

Catelyn and Tyler have grown up together

Catelyn and Tyler were originally on "16 and Pregnant."The show followed the young couple through Catelyn's pregnancy as they faced some tough decisions. Knowing they weren't ready to be parents, they gave their daughter, Carly, up for adoption when she was born. They are in touch with the adoptive family, though the mother has recently made it clear that she no longer wants to be involved in any of the "Teen Mom OG" storyline.

The whole situation made them grow up quick. Having started dating in the 7th grade, they made very adult decisions at the age of 16 in front of the camera. The fans of the show have watched the couple grow not only individually but also together. They work together well to accomplish things.

Married with Child(ren)?

The two have remained together all this time.They got engaged over the holidays in 2014 and Novalee Reign was born on January 1, 2015.

She was just in time to be the flower girl at their August 2015 wedding!Now they are married and have another daughter that they planned when they felt the time was right.

Over the next few weeks fans should hear parts of what happened during Catelyn's rehab. The show is filmed way in advance. We know that she is doing well since returning home. Sheand Tyler must be doing great as well. There were rumors not too long ago about the possibility of another baby.

No firm decisions as of yet.

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