Is Farrah Abraham sorry for calling her daughter Sophia "stupid" during Monday night's episode of the 6th season of Teen Mom OG? It's hard to say. Although the reality star did respond to the backlash over her comments in a new interview, she didn't exactly confirm that she regretted what she said. Instead, Abraham suggested that everyone can be stupid sometimes.

“I can be stupid, anyone can act stupid,” Abraham explained to Radar Online on September 6.


Continuing on about the moment she slammed her daughter for refusing to get ready for an Easter event, Abraham said that she keeps it real on the show and refuses to allow Sophia to be spoiled -- or to fail to take responsible for her behavior.

Farrah Abraham's daughter was sick during the moment in question

As Farrah Abraham's mother pointed out during the show, Sophia hadn't been feeling well on the day of the party and was likely acting out due to her illness.


That said, Abraham didn't have much sympathy for the child and said that she'd already given her medicine and done what she felt was necessary to care for Sophia.

Abraham then went on to tell her mother that she was causing her to be frustrated as well. "Between the two of you I don’t know what’s more irritating," Abraham told her mom, Debra Danielson. Abraham and her mother have never gotten along all that well and this season is no exception.

Farrah Abraham claims it's hard to parent when MTV cameras are rolling

According to Farrah Abraham, having cameras around her daughter makes it difficult to properly parent the child and having her parents around made things even harder.

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That said, Abraham did have a few positive things to say about her young daughter and told Radar Online that she was "very bright and wonderful." Abraham then applauded her own reality career, claiming she has kept it real on Teen Mom OG and continues to share her true feelings and thoughts with viewers each day that she is on camera.

For more of Farrah Abraham and her daughter, tune in to season six of Teen Mom OG. The MTV series airs on Mondays at 9 p.m.

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