"Teen Mom OG" star Farrah Abraham was in a bad mood during Monday night's all new episode. Farrah, who is the mother of little Sophia, called her daughter stupid for not getting ready to attend an Easter party when she was supposed to. Fans were a bit shocked to hear Abraham talk about her child in that way.

Of course, Abraham didn't say this to her daughter's face, but behind her back. Farrah's bad mood didn't end there either. She was seemingly annoyed during the entire episode, and especially after she picked up her boyfriend, Simon Saran, from the airport.

Farrah Abraham calls Sophia stupid behind her back

Simon was in town to see Farrah and Sophia as well as accompany them and Farrah's mother, Debra, to the Easter celebration. During the party the children in attendance engaged in an Easter egg hunt. Farrah ordered Simon to play a more active role in the party and engaged with her and Sophia.However, Simon decided to drink alcohol and talk with other adults while at the celebration. This did not sit well with the "Teen Mom" star, who carried her bad mood back home with her.

She and Simon eventually got into a fight with her mother in attendance.

Abraham kicks Saran out of the house

During the scene, Farrah and her mother wereenjoying a meal together while Simon and Sophia were outside playing. Farrah was telling her mom just how annoyed with Simon she's been when he popped his head in to ask if her dogs were allowed on their trampoline. Farrah quickly gave him the answer of no, along with some serious attitude, and then continued to complain to her mother about him.

Later, when Simon joined the "Teen Mom OG" star and her mother in the kitchen, Farrah was annoyed that Simon didn't drink a glass of wine that her mother poured for him. However, the drama really hit the fan when Simon walked through Farrah's home and into her bedroom to use the bathroom and wash his hands. Abraham went off the rails about how she's asked Simon a thousand times not to walk through her house with his shoes on.

The couple bickered back and forth and when Simon seemed to dismiss Farrah's words, she kicked him out of her house. Farrah put Simon's suitcase outside and ordered him to a hotel.

It looks like things aren't going well for "Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham and Simon Saran. Fans can catch all the drama on Monday nights at 9 p.m.

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