"Teen Mom OG" star Maci Bookout is happily in love with her fiance, Taylor McKinney. The MTV mama says she feels very blessed to have found Taylor and created a family with him, her oldest son Bentley, and their two children together, Jayde and Maverick. However, Maci can't say the same about her ex-boyfriend, Ryan Edwards, who has yet to find his perfect match. Although Maci and Ryan have both moved past their rocky relationship as teenagers, the pair have taken very different roads when it comes to love. Maci is currently planning her wedding to Taylor, while Ryan has dated a string of women since splitting from Bookout.

Maci describes Ryan's perfect match

Maci Bookout admits that she sometimes "worries" about Ryan Edwards finding happiness and that special someone who "completes him." The "Teen Mom" star also says that she believes Ryan's biggest problem could be that he doesn't love himself. "I think Ryan has to learn to love himself first," she said about Bentley's daddy.

Bookout wants Edwards to be happy

When asked who Ryan's perfect match would be, Maci revealed that Ryan needs someone exactly like her, but more willing to put up with his annoying behaviors. While the "Teen Mom OG" star says she knows that "sounds ridiculous," she does seem genuinely concerned about Edwards finding someone to spend the rest of his life with.

In the past, Maci has revealed that she would love for Bentley to have a family unit with Ryan like he does with her and Taylor.

Bentley's blended family

Fans of the show know that Bentley loves his soon-to-be step-father Taylor. The 8-year-old cried tears of joy when he found out that his mother was going to marry Taylor and that he would be the best man.

He was also thrilled when the couple told him they were expecting another child together and that he was going to become a big brother for the second time. In addition, Taylor also has Bentley's name tattooed on his body much like his parents Maci and Ryan do. It seems safe to say that Taylor loves Bentley like his own son, and perhaps Maci would like it if Ryan could find a woman who would love Bentley like that.

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