"Teen Mom" Kailyn Lowry's ex-husband Javi Marroquin is out for blood. The reality star's ex reveals that he is ready to totally expose Lowry and all her dirty little secrets in his upcoming tell-all book "Heartlessly Hustled."

Kailyn Lowry exposed by Javi Marroquin!

Javi claims that he will reveal the real deal surrounding Kailyn's girl on girl kiss and a whole bunch of other shocking details about the real Kailyn Lowry, not the one you see on TV. Javi also claims that he has a ton of evidence backing up everything he is about to reveal which includes text messages, screenshots, and photos that will finally out Lowry for the beast she is.

Marroquin claims he has received all this information from a lot of different people, people Kailyn believed were friends of hers. Some of these people Javi reveals he had never met before, but that they were happy to give him all the dirty details that Kailyn has been hiding from no just him, but all of her fans as well. He also claims that he has had this info for some time, but has been sitting on it until the time was right to go public with it.

Javi seeks bitter revenge

The gloves are off, Javi states that he was just as shocked and surprised as everyone else was when he first saw the photos of Kailyn and gal pal Becky Hayter making out on social media.

Just days after Kailyn announced that they would be ending their four-year-marriage to the public. At that time Marroquin was stationed overseas serving for the Airforce and though it was hard for him to take, he claims at the time he never believed that Kailyn would leave him for Becky. He thought, or had hoped that the photo was just one of those dumb things girls do when out goofing around.

Javi, however, has always been suspicious of Lowry's activities and has accused her of being unfaithful to him both before and during his deployment.

Recently it has even been speculated that Kailyn wants to reconcile with Javi. But it appears as if there has been just too much water under the bridge for that. Some fans have suggested that if Kailyn is trying to get back together with Javi it is because she is afraid of what information Javi may have on her, and if it comes out just how it could affect her career on Reality TV.

Who is she kidding with that?

If Javi does have all of these so-called dirty details on Kailyn and he does expose her it would just make for some huge ratings for "Teen Mom." People love the drama, and the juicier the better for all concerned, especially for their bank accounts. Is this all just a huge publicity stunt, or areKailyn Lowry and Javi Marroquin doomed to be enemies from now on?

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