"Teen Mom" Farrah Abraham has made Sophia the envy of all of the other children, she has given her the power to control the adults in her life, well, at least the ones who will be working for her at her boutique, that is. Farrah revealed that her seven-year-old daughter Sophia Laurent will be the boss at her store, revealing that she will have the power to decide who gets hired, fired, and just when they can, or can't take a restroom break.

'Teen Mom:' Sophia being groomed for next generation of reality TV?

So much power for such a little person. Sophia at such a young age is clearly taking after her mom, "Teen Mom" star Farrah Abraham, copying her outgoing and demanding personality habits. Now mom has given her the keys to the kingdom, revealing that what she says is law when it comes to her namesake boutique. The boutique, Sophia Laurent Children's Boutique will be opening soon and is located in Lakeway, Texas.

Abraham has confirmed that Sophia will not only oversee the employees, she will be in charge of picking clothing and products that will be sold in the store and that she may even be bringing her dog Blue with her while she is at work.

You may be asking yourself how is a seven-year-old girl going to handle the grueling schedule of going to school, running her own business, working on the MTV reality series "Teen Mom OG" and being a kid? It sounds impossible, and is way too much for a kid, and even most adults, so we predict there will most likely be of plenty of meltdowns in little Sophia's future, not to mention Farrah.

Farrah Abraham's daughter Sophia, when will she ever get to be a kid?

During Farrah's confirmation on Instagram, she shared a pic of her daughter standing outside her store and using #BossBaby. The store is scheduled to open on November 11th and already has a Yelp page. The Yelp page describes Sophia as being born a TV star that loves her community and 'saw a need to bring quality clothing, accessories and toys to the community.'

Interesting that a seven-year-old is able to see such a need isn't it?

Many are having trouble believing that any future employees are going to have an easy time dealing with a child boss, one good tantrum, and everyone could lose their jobs in the blink of an eye. Not to mention what adult is going to be okay with getting permission from a child to use the restroom? This looks as if this could be a very stressful work environment from the start for those who are seriously trying to make a living, and not catering to the demands of a child given the power to control adults eight-hours a day.

While this will be Farrah's third business, she also owns a yogurt and furniture store, not to mention her "Teen Mom" gig and side money she makes from her ventures in adult entertainment.

It will be very interesting to see just how the boutique business plays out and how Sophia manages to keep her power as a boss in check, as we said this can't go well, can it?

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