"Teen Mom 3" star Katie Yeager is going to be a mom again. The former MTV reality star announced on social network this week that she's expecting her second child.According to reports, Katie gave birth to her first child, a daughter named Molli, during the fourth season of MTV's docu-series "16 and Pregnant. Katieand her then-boyfriend Joey couldn't seem to work out their relationship and split soon. The relationship dramawas documented on "Teen Mom 3."

Another MTV mom is pregnant

Unfortunately, "Teen Mom 3" was cancelled after only one season. This means fans have had to keep up with Katie's life via social media, which she updates regularly.

Katie is now happily expecting another child, and this time around it will likely be different for the young mother.Some fans were confused by Yeager's pregnancy announcement, as they had no idea she was dating anyone. Katie decided to shed some light on her relationship status, saying that she's been dating her current boyfriend for over a year and that she's very happy. Katie also added that the sign of a happy relationship is no sign of it on social media.

Katie & co-stars are keeping busy

Katie's former co-stars have also been busy since their Reality TV days. Brianna DeJesus recently appeared on the VH1 reality series "Family Therapy" with her sister Brittany. During their time on the show the sisters mended a lot of issues in their relationship.

Brittany even found out that the man she believed to be her father was not, and that her biological father died when she was just a baby.

Mackenzie Douthit has probably been the busiest of the four girls. Mackenzie married the father of her son Gannon, and the couple currently have three children together.

Mackenzie and husband Josh welcomed their third child only weeks ago, and have been busy adjusting to their growing family. The couple have also been rumored to be having relationship issues, but are seemingly still together.

It seems that the "Teen Mom" family continues to grow as Katie Yeager prepares for her second child, due next year.

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