"Teen Mom 2" dad Jeremy Calvert is getting married again. The father of Leah Messer's daughter, Addie, recently proposed to his girlfriend Brooke Wehr, and she said yes. The two shared the big news on social media. Now, new details are coming about about Jeremy's sweet proposal to Brooke. According to reports, Jeremy used his adorable daughter Addie in a huge way! It seems Addie was actually the one who popped the big question.

Jeremy proposed in the cutest way

Sources claim that Jeremy had Addie ask Brooke if she would marry her daddy. The trio were reportedly walking on the beach together one night when Jeremy had Addie pop the question.

Brooke was reportedly so surprised by the proposal, and of course said yes. The "Teen Mom 2" star, who was previously married to Addie's mother, Leah Messer, took to social media to share his amazing news. Fans immediately started raving about Brooke Wehr's gorgeous ring. However, it is possible that not everyone is thrilled about Jeremy Calvert's engagement.

Leah heartbroken over the upcoming wedding?

Rumors are swirling that Jeremy's ex-wife, Leah Messer, may be heartbroken over the proposal. After news of the engagement hit Leah took to her own social media accounts to share a quote about relationships. She captioned the photo, "One day...Until then my life is already more than complete."

Reports are flying that Leah Messer may have been under the impression that she and Jeremy Calvert had a chance to get back together.

These rumors seem strange to many fans, who have been seeing Jeremy rave about his love for Brooke for months now. Sadly, it appears that these two aren't getting back together anytime soon.

Meanwhile, viewers will likely hear Leah Messer's thoughts on Jeremy Calvert and Brooke Wehr's engagement during the upcoming season of "Teen Mom 2." Leah is usually very open with her emotions when is concerns her children and ex-husbands.

If she really is upset over the engagement, fans will probably hear all about it on the show.

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