Kailyn Lowry fans are offering up a harsh reality to the Teen Mom 2 star by reminding her that people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. These snarky comments from fans come via social media after Lowry had the audacity to chastise her ex for something she herself continues to do.

Called hypocrite by fans!

Lowry's recent tweet about an unnamed ex didn't have her fans fooled. They immediately associated her condescending remarks as being aimed atJavi Marroquin, the man she's in the process of divorcing.

Did Kailforget that Javi has a slew of fans out there from the show?

Riled up her followers

Over the Labor Day weekend Lowry tweeted "it's money over everything, ask my ex." This tweet is coming from a young woman whose preoccupation with plastic surgery had to have cost the couple a bundle. The IB Times today reminds their readers that this is also the same woman who just bought herself a new BMW. It didn't take long for her fans to remind her of this and they shot right back at the Teen Mom 2 star calling her a "hypocrite" for bashing Javi while she spends money on herself hand over fist!

Exploiting her kids?

Javi's fans were brutal as they even accused Kail of exploiting her kids for money by having them appear on the Teen Mom 2 show. Another fan brought up her last two exes who had to "throw money at her" not only for an exotic vacation but for the Brazilian butt lift and tummy tuck the 24-year-old woman just had to have!

Javi's own fan base...

Because many of the Teen Mom 2 fans felt she was talking about Javi, they came to his rescue.

This is a man who is serving in the military and who struggled through many of Lowry's antics. Javi was away on deployment when Kail filed for divorce, so that left a sour taste with some of her fans and many of Javi's fans.

While tweets bashing the Teen Mom 2 star kept coming in an attempt to showKail the error of her ways, she did get a few fans sticking up for her. After the slew of bashing tweets piled up, Kail did leave the subject alone for a few hours by not tweeting back to the lynching mob.

After waiting a while she then took to Twitter to respond. She did this with two tweets.

It seems that the fans aren't one-sidedduring this divorce, while some feel for Kai, the also Javi too! You have to admit for a young mother and wive, this woman does spend an astronomical amount of money on herself!

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